Writer/Producer/Actor, Jerald Garner was inspired to write the series 3rd Eye after meeting a psychic medium.  He has been writing and developing the 1st season of the new series, staring Jeremy Miller, Patrick Kilpatrick, Alexandra PaulKen Davitian, Kelly Perine, Jason Stuart, Martin Kleeba and many others who will surprise you. A special thanks to William Constantine for inspiration and Adam Rivera for helping in casting eight of the 3rd Eye talent from Ionz Media Group. To include Ken Davitian of Borat fame.

The series will span 4 seasons so far with 13 episodes per season. It stands to take audiences on an intriguing mystery into the murder of a psychic’s wife and how he hunts for the killer while he is caught between two opposing organizations. At the same time,  he’s dealing with the US government, religious and academia’s deception of humanities origin and place in the universe.

Production will be in Los Angeles with support of various other businesses and affiliates. Series is slated to start 2018.




Jerald is the owner of Unseen Forces Productions and a partner of 360 Entertainment Group. As with many producers he has various motion pictures in pre-production and development.  Jerald was introduced into the entertainment industry at a young age by his mother, Carlotta Stark, in Houston; however, his mother kept his focus on academics. Later, after receiving a Business and Applied Science degree, while in the USAF he left the military to work as a data communications engineer and consultant. The draw to entertainment was strong after being mesmerized with such box office champions; Blade Runner and Alien, notably directed by his inspiration, Ridley Scott.  He has performed in theater; had various roles in films, TV commercials, plays, stunt work, directing and writing. His short won 1st place runner up at the Hollywood Black Film Festival in 2007. Jerald has notably worked with the late Pulitzer Prize-Winning writer, Edward Albee, as well as having worked in production under various mentors in the film industry.